CyCoMed is the result of collaborative effort between numerous experts, members of the IHR/NHRF administration and technical staff, research and public funding foundations. Warm thanks are due to all of them. Special thanks are addressed towards the following organizations and colleagues:

  • The operation of the CyCoMed project would not have been possible without the funding by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) and the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation (GSRI), as part of the first HFRI advertisement for postdoctoral research projects, under grant agreement no. 481.
  • Warm thanks are due to the dear colleague Dr Evangeline Markou, member of the scientific team of CyCoMed and senior researcher at the Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Dr Markou has followed with enthusiasm all phases of the CyCoMed research project, from the earlier stages of its preparation to its implementation during these three years, with emphasis on the numismatic aspect of the project.
  • Of pivotal importance has been also the participation of Dr Charalampos Paraskeva, postdoctoral researcher of CyCoMed. He undertook the design and implementation of the project’s database. Dr Paraskeva worked with diligence and precision and he assisted all members of the scientific team in numerous occasions.
  • Dr Angelos Papadopoulos undertook and successfully completed the demanding task of collecting and studying the Late Bronze Age data whereas he took active part in many of the project’s dissemination activities, both in Greece and abroad. He is to warmly thank for his diligence and hard work.
  • Mrs Vanessa Pappa, scientific collaborator of CyCoMed, focused on the addition of data to the project’s database and contributed decisively to almost every working package of CyCoMed. Her hard work is very much appreciated.
  • Dr Philippa Mary Steele, senior researcher at the University of Cambridge – Faculty of Classics and scientific collaborator of CyCoMed acted as advisor and supervisor of the epigraphic part of the project with emphasis on Cypriot inscription found away from Cyprus, as well as of Dr Giorgos Bourogiannis’ research visits to the University of Cambridge.
  • We are particularly thankful also to Dr Vyron Antoniadis, who prepared the map of the Mediterranean that adorns the project description.
  • Warm thanks are also due to Dr Katerina Boukala-Karkagianni for her diligent work during the preparation of the Beyond Cyprus volume and for the its exemplary layout.
  • Warm thanks are also due to all colleagues who contributed to the CyCoMed dissemination activities (educational lectures, conferences, submission of texts for the CyCoMed website), and to the administration staff of the National Hellenic Research Foundation and the Institute of Historical Research. It is thanks to them that the implementation the CyCoMed project at the Hosting Institution was possible.