Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the End of the Classical Period (c. 1650–310 BC)

National Hellenic Research Foundation/Institute of Historical Research/Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity in collaboration with the University of Cambridge/Faculty of Classics


Welcome to the website of the research project “Cypriot connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the end of the Classical period” (acronym CyCoMed). The project studies ancient Cyprus and its Mediterranean interconnections through archaeological, epigraphic and numismatic evidence.

The website is addressed to all those who wish to learn more about ancient Cyprus, one of the most exciting islands of the Mediterranean in terms of cultural wealth and vitality. The website includes the description of the CyCoMed project, a presentation of the project’s team, short scientific texts that are relevant to the project’s main research questions, dissemination activities that took place during the operation of the project, such as educational lectures and conferences, links and indicative bibliography.

You may contact directly the Principal Investigator of the project, Dr Giorgos Bourogiannis, via this email: [email protected]